How many excuses can we come up with to avoid doing exercise, even though we know we will feel better for it afterwards?

Here are 10 simple steps to get motivated for Pilates

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started". Mark Twain

1. Choose your Goal. To achieve you have to know what it is you're aiming for. Why do you want to exercise? Perhaps it helps your back or you want to get toned for your holiday. Reminding yourself of your goal each time you procrastinate is motivation in itself.

2. Make your Goals Achievable. Make your goal realistic. It's better to set several small goals which ultimately lead to a bigger goal. This way you are constantly achieving and feeling better about yourself.

3. 10 minutes is better than nothing! If you feel that you should be doing some exercise but really don't feel like it, don't punish yourself; find a short routine and just stretch for a few minutes. This way you will achieve something rather than feeling guilty about not achieving anything. Exercise according to how you feel on any particular day.

4. Lie on the floor and give yourself 1 minute. Use this minute to focus on how your body feels and to relax your breathing. It only takes 1 minute to calm the mind and you may then feel like doing a bit more exercise.

5. Allocate Slots of Time. Write on your calendar or diary certain time slots in your week when you will practise Pilates. We all have 10,000 things on our 'to do' list so make Pilates one of them.

6. Congratulate Yourself. After each session of Pilates think positively about how much better you feel. It's good to have a sense of achievement and you will be one step closer to accomplishing your goal.

7. Exercise is Important! We wouldn't dream of not brushing our teeth and yet we often find excuses not to exercise. Exercise is the key to your vitality and health; it improves your cardiovascular system, reduces anxiety and relieves stress. No excuses!

8. Exercise Gear. This may sound vain but wear clothes that make you feel good. Some clothes automatically make you feel fitter and more motivated. Wear them!

9. Find a Space. It's good to have a special place that you associate with Pilates, where you can enter your own little world for half an hour or so. Turn off the phone and reward yourself with some peace and quiet. Not only will your body benefit but your mind will feel more calm.

10. Keep your Pilates Mat to Hand. This way it isn't a big deal to get set up for exercise.

Pilates is enjoyable. HAVE FUN!

Last update: June 03, 2015