A Quick Guide

This short video guides you through the main aspects of the website.

The site features over 100 videos where PIlates stretches and exercises are demonstrated with detailed instructions for you to follow. Treat these routines and tutorials as if you were in your regular Pilates classes. Video Previews,  Tutorials of the Month and Basics of Pilates Tutorials can be viewed for free, otherwise Membership is required to stream the videos. Individual videos can be downloaded for a small fee.

The Videos

To make life simple - the videos are divided into these main categories. You can use the drop-down menu under Videos.
New To Pilates -  If you are a total beginner or wish to recap on the basic principles of Pilates. This is for you. 

Stretch and Tone - These Pilates routines are based on my regular classes with a balance between strengthening, toning and flexibility. They are graded - Gentle, Intermediate and Challenging.

Sports Pilates - Preparing for a particular sporting event or activity? Pilates for Running and Skiing videos are now online with more to follow.

Essential Stretching - These short routines focus on stretching and improving your flexibility.

Back Care - Routines that help ease tension in your back

Remedial Pilates - Currently includes videos for those with Osteoporosis or wish to ward against getting it. Also videos to ease Plantar Fasciitis and Releasing the ITB using a core roller.

Bite Size Pilates - Quick Pilates routines - under 15 mins. 

Relaxation & Mindfulness - Currently a video shot in Italy to give you that extra sense of calm.

Tutorials - A comprehensive library of individual Pilates exercises and stretches. These videos will help you get maximum benefit from each exercise.

Videos - added extras

On each video page, there are text links to the equipment used (see Shop) and to the Tutorial videos which provide a more detailed explanation of each exercise demonstrated in the routine. Run your cursor over the text to see the links. You can also make your own notes about each routine.  

Save your favourite routines to Your Personal Studio (located in the top right of your screen). You can then immediately access your regular videos. Here you can set yourself a goal (e.g. 6 Roll Downs every day) with regular email reminders.

For the time conscious, Videos by Duration sets out the routines by time.


Shop is where you can find the equipment you'll need to make the most of your Pilates lessons. I personally use and recommend these products. The equipment listed on each video page is linked to the particular product to help you on your way. 

Sundry Points

We regularly upload a new Tutorial of the Month (Free to Watch) and of course we'll be adding new videos to all the categories throughout the year.    

If you have any queries - please use the contact form. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. If it is urgent please mark it so.
Any feedback that helps me improve the site will be gratefully received.