Sarah Hardy

Sarah has been working at improving patient health and fitness for over 30 years, initially in nursing and then as a Sports Therapist, Remedial / Clinical Masseuse and Pilates Instructor. “How the body responds to massage and exercise absolutely fascinates me” 

Sarah practises Pilates and massage both for remedial and fitness purposes. She trained with Body Control Pilates and Body Pilates Europe and she teaches both disciplines on the mat and on studio equipment; Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Corrector, Combo Chair. Sarah has worked with Chiropractors and Osteopaths, in Sports Clinics, Health Centres, Hospices.

Massage has the most healing and rejuvenating affect on the body and is used to help heal injuries as well as help both the mind and body in times of stress and grief.

Sarah's clients range from those with muscular-skeletal & neuromuscular problems, back pain, sports injuries and degenerative illnesses to those requiring rehabilitation following hip and knee replacements. She helps new mothers regain their figures as well as a large number of clients who want to gain a good level of general fitness. “I firmly believe that exercise is one of the key factors to keeping younger for longer and helps both the body and the mind”. 

"You’ll notice that older people who are in good health nearly all do a moderate amount of exercise". As Joseph Pilates said, “Who feels the youngest? A twenty year old with a stiff spine, or an eighty year old with a flexible spine”? “I’ve always loved the feeling that you get from exercise. I have more energy, get less tired and my body generally feels stronger and more flexible."

Sarah has three children and lives with her husband in Cornwall. She loves Lindy Hop dancing, bee keeping, travelling (when allowed), cooking, nutrition & sustainable food, the Arts, running, walking, learning Italian and of course Massage and Pilates!