Video Membership

"I'm loving being a member. It's like having Sarah at home with me. It's so good to be able to stream the videos anytime and check if I'm doing it correctly - especially the breathing. I'm trying not to crush too many eclairs!"       T. Beckett

Video Membership is a single, one-off payment of £60. No renewal fees!
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  • Membership gives you full access to all the videos - anytime, anywhere

  • Over 100 different Pilates videos for all levels of fitness

  • Ideal if you can’t make a class or want to do extra Pilates practice at home

  • 6 week course for Beginners - proven to be effective and beneficial

  • A convenient and affordable way of keeping fit and flexible

  • Sarah Hardy is highly qualified with many years of experience

  • Detailed alignment cues are given so that it is safe to exercise on your own.

  • Create your own Personal Studio, set yourself goals and keep notes if you wish to monitor your progress

  • Contact Sarah Hardy for Pilates advice


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