I have put together a library of Pilates videos with routines of varying lengths.

The different sections give you a variety of routines whether you want to tone up, stretch out, exercise for a particular sport or rehabilitate an injured limb. Explore the different pages and we will be adding more videos all the time. Do let us know if you would like a routine for a particular purpose and we will try and accomodate you. Happy Pilates and I hope you enjoy them! Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Remedial Pilates 210x120-210x120.jpg

Videos by Duration

To help you work your Pilates routine into a busy day, we've listed the videos by their duration. Try read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/New to Pilates-210x120.jpg

New to Pilates

These tutorials and weekly routines take you through a course that will enable you to understand the read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Stretch and Tone 220x120-210x120.jpg

Stretch and Tone

These routines are the best way to get toned and stretched in a balanced way.   They are graded read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Sports_Pilates_210x120-210x120.jpg

Sports Pilates

Pilates for specific sports to help prevent injuries. Routines consist of warming up and cooling down read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Essential Stretching 210x120-210x120.jpg

Essential Stretching

Short routines focusing specifically on stretching out various areas of the body. Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Back Care 210x120-210x120.jpg

Back Care

These videos have come from other pages and are chosen as being ideal if you suffer from a tight and read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Bite Size Pilates 210x120-210x120.jpg

Bite Size Pilates

Short routines that focus on a particular set of muscles or have a specific purpose. Mix and match so read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Remedial Pilates 210x120-210x120.jpg

Remedial Pilates

Pilates for specific conditions that affect the musculo-skeletal system e.g. Osteoporosis, Arthritis, read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Relaxation and Mindfulness 210x120-210x120.jpg


Relax and gently stretch. Find a quiet space, turn off your phone and press play! Thumbprints/Gillys Art/EOM Caption artwork FTV-210x120.jpg

Tutorial of the Month

FREE TO WATCH Detailed instruction of an exercise to allow you to hone in on the finer points so read more... Thumbprints/Gillys Art/Tutorials FTV-210x120.jpg


An A-Z of exercises for precise and informative instruction. Useful for the novice as well as the seasoned read more... Thumbprints/Re-sized_Thumbnails/Free to View Graphic-210x120.jpg

Free to View

A selection of videos which you can watch without Membership. To become a member click here   read more...